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In Konoha, should calamity befall the children, the academy teachers are instructed to send the young to safety before themselves if need be. They are seen as shields, and they will protect their children with little, to no concern for their own lives. Killing them often proves to be quite problematic as they, especially as a collective, are quite difficult to defeat. After all, shinobi with so little left to lose can be daunting targets.

They are the last line, they are ferocious, and they will kill without a second thought.

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A Step-by-Step Rotoscope Guide with not-an-animator cakeis !

Step 1: Find a gif

Remember to ask for permission if using someone’s edit
You can always extract scenes from youtube etc with sites like:

Step 2: Extract Frames

  • Go to
  • Upload gif, download, unzip, preview images, select your frames
  • Go to Step 4: upload selected frames to test if animation is smooth
  • If no, select more or different frames. If okay, Transfer the selected frames to one photoshop file or any program that supports layers. 

Step 3: Trace!

  • Trace each Base frame on a new transparent layer. 
  • Keep consistent with each new tracing for a nicer flow
  • Go to Step 4 with every few new traced layer to check for flaws.
  • Watch your gif grow!

Step 4: Save as gif

  • Save each traced layer as a separate image file
  • Upload to  
  • Adjust the speed to liking.
  • Click “View the GIF animation” and save. You’re done!
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